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Established in 1978 as an independent practice, Dental Depot has expanded over the years while maintaining its status as a family-owned and operated business, committed to fostering connections within our communities. We reside in the same areas we serve, and our patients represent more than just names—they are our neighbors, relatives, and friends.

As one of the most rapidly expanding doctor-owned dental support organizations (DSOs) in the United States, Dental Depot is dedicated to providing each patient with top-notch, cost-effective dental care.

Dental Depot was founded in Oklahoma City, OK, in 1978 by Dr. Glenn Ashmore, and began expanding in 2001. Dental Depot was first introduced to the Kansas City Metro in 2021 by Dr. Amit Patel of Dental Depot Blue Springs. In 2022 Dental Depot welcomed Dr. Kyle Milson, and opened its second Missouri dental office, in Independence.

At Dental Depot, our priority is—and always has been—providing high-quality, affordable dental care for every member of your family, both children and adults. Each of our locations is equipped with skilled, well-trained hygienists, assistants, and doctors, as well as welcoming, supportive staff in a neat and comfortable setting. We believe in addressing each patient’s distinct dental care needs with a tailored approach, and we diligently work towards ensuring that.

Dental Depot is dedicated to the communities in which we operate. Our expanding resources for community support encompass non-profit, local, and educational assistance; a complimentary dental education program for nearby schools; and participation in holiday parades and other special events. Our core mission revolves around taking care of people, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to care for you.

Dr. Amit Patel

Dr. Kyle Milson

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Here for the Whole Family

Dental Depot recognizes the significance of family. We offer an extensive variety of dental services tailored to accommodate every family member, both grown-ups and kids. Additionally, we provide the advantage of arranging simultaneous appointments for your entire family, conserving your time and effort.

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Committed to Community

Over the years, Dental Depot has collaborated with community organizations to contribute to the neighborhoods where we reside and work. Be it donating food, offering financial support for student events, or enhancing the aesthetics of our cities, we continuously seek opportunities to enrich the lives of those in our communities.

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Career Opportunities

Ranging from introductory administrative roles to clinical and specialized professions, we provide an extensive selection of career paths. We are constantly on the lookout for the ideal candidates to become a part of our skilled teams.

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Our Signature
Train Depot Replicas

The original cottage-style dental practice greatly differed from the Dental Depots we recognize and appreciate today. Amid Oklahoma City’s Oil Boom, and with a scarcity of office space, Dr. Glenn opted to transform a residential duplex into his first clinic. The original establishment was situated in the historic Linwood neighborhood at Northwest 23rd Street and Drexel Blvd., which eventually became the site of today’s Central OKC location.

Railroad memorabilia and antiques adorned the walls and exterior of the initial building, much like they do today, featuring a functional model train that ran along the wall through the patient treatment rooms. Over time, these distinctive elements have become synonymous with the Dental Depot brand and its enjoyable, relaxing ambiance.

In 2001, disaster struck when an electrical fire severely damaged the internal structure of the office, necessitating a complete reconstruction from scratch. It was during this rebuilding process that the classic 19th-century train station architecture was adopted to create the iconic Dental Depot appearance. The mustard-yellow slatted exteriors, clay-red roofs, and the towering clock-tower were all integral parts of this renovation. Be it a train traversing from one room to another or a remarkable collection of train memorabilia, there is always something fascinating to engage your interest.

Dental Depot’s involvement in the Linwood community has yielded mutual benefits. The office’s presence and community outreach have directly contributed to numerous enhancements, such as new lamp posts, benches, and seasonal landscaping of road medians. These efforts have earned recognition from the OKC Beautiful organization, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.

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