Emergency Dental Services

Even with great preventive care, dental emergencies still occur. Teeth may be knocked out or fractured during activities, a tooth might start aching persistently, or an oral sore might develop and refuse to heal. Regardless of the issue, be it affecting you or your child, your primary concern is relief.

Unanticipated dental issues are particularly challenging and can disrupt your plans. Is your family dentist available? Can you secure an appointment? How far will you have to travel? At Dental Depot, with offices in Blue Springs and Independence, Missouri, we understand the stress and pressure associated with dental emergencies, and we recognize that most don’t happen at regular business hours. Whether you’re an existing patient or new to our clinic, we aim to provide exceptional emergency care and treatment, regardless of your situation or its timing.

In the majority of instances, we can accommodate dental emergencies on the same day. Based on the nature and severity of your injury, we will either initiate treatment as soon as feasible or schedule you for a comprehensive appointment.

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Emergencies in Missouri

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies need prompt attention, and it is crucial to be seen as soon as possible. If you are already a Dental Depot patient, contact your regular location. If you are a new patient, get in touch with the nearest Dental Depot office. Be sure to adhere to your dentist’s advice for care until you can visit the office.


Infection or abscess – An abscess is a pus-filled pocket that forms within a tooth, causing an infection. This can lead to persistent toothaches, sensitivity, swelling, and intense pain. If left untreated, the infection can spread from the affected tooth to the surrounding tissues.


Tooth loss – Losing a tooth is a critical emergency that demands immediate action to salvage the tooth. If you manage to retrieve the tooth (or teeth), handle it only by the crown and never touch the root. Preserve the tooth in a glass of milk or Save-a-Tooth solution until you can see the dentist.


Facial trauma – Intense pain and bleeding from the mouth, along with swelling in the gums or around the face, warrant immediate attention and should be assessed without delay.

Urgent Dental Injuries

Immediate dental injuries don’t always pose a significant threat to your health and can often be addressed during the next available appointment. Follow your dentist’s recommendations for care until you can be seen.


Cracked or chipped tooth – A painful cracked or chipped tooth can worsen over time, potentially leading to a fracture. Using a cold compress and pain relievers can help alleviate discomfort until your appointment.


Persistent tooth and/or mouth pain – Although tooth or mouth pain alone is not typically an emergency, it can cause discomfort. If you experience persistent mouth or tooth pain that worsens or doesn’t subside, arrange an appointment as soon as possible. However, if you have a throbbing toothache that spreads to the jaw, ear, or neck, or is accompanied by fever or swollen lymph nodes in your neck, contact your dentist immediately.


Loose filling or crown – A dislodged filling or crown isn’t always an emergency, but it may cause pain and sensitivity in the exposed tooth tissue. If you can retrieve the crown or filling, store it safely and bring it to your dentist. In the meantime, ensure the tooth remains as clean as possible.

Same-Day or Walk-In Emergency Dental Appointment Protocol

We accommodate walk-in and call-ahead emergency appointments; however, please note that there might be some wait time since they need to be incorporated into an existing schedule. While we have multiple teams of dentists and dental hygienists, their daily schedules and pace of care depend on the number and types of services booked.


Rest assured that if you visit for emergency care, a dentist will see you to determine the appropriate next steps. Our team will not only strive to schedule your appointment with the shortest possible wait time but also keep you informed about the anticipated waiting period and ensure your comfort while you wait.


New patients are required to present a state-issued photo ID and any insurance information (if applicable). Guardians of minor patients must provide their ID.


Most dental emergencies can be resolved and are rarely life-threatening. Although injuries can be painful, there’s no need to panic. Our team will do everything possible to see you as soon as possible, and you can take measures to manage the discomfort until you receive treatment.


To minimize discomfort:

  • Apply a cold compress
  • Take a pain reliever if possible and avoid hard, crunchy, or chewy foods


For bleeding:

  • Place gauze inside the mouth to control bleeding
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress


For a lost tooth:

  • Avoid touching the tooth by the roots
  • Store the tooth in a glass of milk or Save-A-Tooth solution (available at most drug or grocery stores) until you can visit the office

How to Prevent Dental Injury

To prevent dental injuries, follow these simple precautions:


  • Wear a mouthguard during sports activities.
  • Avoid using your teeth to open items like bags, lids, or cans.
  • Refrain from using your teeth to carry objects or running with items in your mouth.
  • Practice proper oral hygiene and maintain a healthy diet for strong, healthy teeth.
  • Schedule bi-annual dental appointments to identify and prevent potential issues.


Whether you need a routine cleaning or emergency dental care, Dental Depot is dedicated to providing exceptional dental services for every family member.








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